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Nordic Walking

 I have always liked walking. You have time to stop and stare and there is always a café to pop into for a quick cup of coffee and a sticky bun!

I first became involved in exercises when my daughter got married. I thought I’d better trim up for the wedding photos! So I went to my local gym and enrolled for an aerobics class for over 60s. I loved it so much I was still attending the classes until Covid came along.

I began getting to know other people and one person was a fountain of knowledge as to other things over 60s could do. One was Nordic walking. I had never heard of it. Willing to try anything, myself and two others made our way to Burgess Park one Tuesday morning. We met the leader, were introduced to the Nordic Walking poles and automatically started using them like walking sticks. But, as we learnt they are not walking sticks, the poles project you along your path, they aid your walking. But, what I enjoyed most was meeting new people and chatting to them as you walked.

At the end of the walk we ended back at the café and, if you wished you could stay for tea and coffee and a chat with your fellow walkers.

Later on, the leader of these walks extended to weekend trips on the borders of, or out of London. We all met at the station and off we went, seeing some beautiful places, having a picnic lunch sitting on whatever was available, ground, logs, sometimes even a bench! Then off again to see more of our wonderful countryside before heading home.

When lockdown eased a bit we’ve been Nordic walking locally, Peckham Rye or Dulwich Park as well as our usual haunt of Burgess Park. I need the exercise, but more important to me I love the interaction with others, who all share a love of Nordic Walking.

– Sue Gearin

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