Whitton Community Centre celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year!

Whitton Community Centre, home to Silverfit Tai Chi, Bollywood Dance and a hub for our Nordic Walking sessions, turns 50 this year.

In 1966, Mr. T “Freddie” Fox embarked on a remarkable journey by founding the Whitton Community Association with a modest membership of 150 individuals. His vision was clear, to have a much needed community centre instead of a Bingo Hall.  Through tireless efforts, he rallied support and garnered 2000 signatures in favour of this transformative project.

The passion that fuelled Mr. Fox’s mission must have been extraordinary. Imagine the determination, the unwavering commitment to create a space that would serve the entire community. On March 22, 1974, the Whitton Community Centre proudly opened its doors—a momentous occasion that surely overflowed with pride, passion, and legacy. Those walls absorbed the dreams, hopes, and shared spirit of Whitton residents.

Today, the torch is being passed from one generation to the next. The Whitton Community Centre continues to thrive, touching lives and fostering connections. As they move forward, they are planning a series of celebrations throughout the year, alongside fundraising events. Their goal is to ensure that everyone knows about this incredible space—a hub for Whitton and Heathfield, where community spirit thrives.

They are planning on having a 50th Tea Party to celebrate ‘Cheers to Fifty Years’ on Friday 22nd March, 2pm to 4pm, for the attendees of Whitton sessions and activity groups. We will let you know more details of this when we have more information.

Natalie Rickman

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