Silverfit statement for managing activity sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic  –

UPDATE 26 November 2020

The UK Government announcement on 26 November has confirmed that London will operate under the new Tier 2 Covid-19  restrictions from 3 December.

In line with this,  we are pleased to confirm that Silverfit Nordic Walking sessions will resume at 13 of our 15 outdoors venues, starting  Monday 7 December, and Walking Football will restart at Beckenham starting Thursday 3 December .  Please note that nordic walking sessions at Ashburton and New Addington are suspended until further notice.

Pre-booking is essential for all sessions.  Nordic Walking should be booked via Typeform, directly with the instructor or with our Project Manager Alicia Williamson (07931 775302).  Walking Football bookings should be made directly with Coach Derek Vaughan (07983 918687)  For all Silverfit sporting activities we will maintain additional precautionary measures, as described in section 2 of our statement (below).

All indoors activities are suspended pending government review of the rules for indoors group socialising.  This is to ensure we are able to provide a safe and covid-secure environment for our indoors sessions.  We will update this statement and email our members with any changes to our Silverfit sessions.

Silverfit Statement

Silverfit has taken steps in order to minimise risk and create a Covid secure environment as we re-start our sessions.  We are continually reviewing how our activities are run, to ensure we remain compliant with the advice provided by UK Government, England Athletics, Football Association. and other sporting associations with whom we are affiliated.   We recognise that our older members represent a group considered vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus, and therefore our approach includes additional measures, put in place to protect the health and well-being of session participants.

We aim to balance safety and compliance with the fun spirit of Silverfit, however our sessions do look a little different from those that you are used to attending or leading.  We have introduced more group Nordic Walk leaders, operate with smaller Nordic Walk training groups of 6 [5  participants + 1 Instructor/Lead], have suspended all indoors venue activities and our pre/post session social tea and biscuits for the time being,  have introduced a  mandatory booking system for attending sessions, and  prepared relevant risk assessments for each venue and session.

Silverfit is providing Covid-secure sports sessions by:

  1. Appointing a Covid-19 Coordinator

Silverfit has appointed a Covid-19 Coordinator who is responsible for  ensuring compliance with government and the relevant sporting body covid guidance. The Covid Coordinator is the key point of contact for all venue management, Silverfit staff and Instructors, to ensure that necessary protocols are in place, implemented and regularly reviewed across all Silverfit sessions and venues. For any covid-related queries about our sessions, please contact Kim Boursnell at [email protected]


  1. Reducing the size of our training groups and maintaining a safe environment for our sessions.

 We are limiting individual Nordic Walking training group sizes to  6 participants (including 1 Instructor/Leader)

  • Pre-booking is now mandatory for attendance at all our sessions, this is to ensure we maintain a safe group size. Anyone arriving at a session whose attendance has not been pre-booked will not be allowed to participate in the training.
  • Nordic Walking participants should reserve their place by using the typeform digital booking form that is available here. For members who do not have internet or email access, a session can be booked by phoning Project Manager, Alicia Williamson, on 07931 775302   or by booking directly with the instructor, at the end of a session, for attendance the following week.
  • Walking Football participants should reserve their place by emailing football coach Derek Vaughan or phoning on 07983 918687
  • Participants, Instructors and volunteers must not attend a session if they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, have received a positive test result for the virus or have been exposed to someone else who has received a positive test result – for 14-days prior to the day of the session. Instructors may withdraw a participant from taking part in the session if they have reasonable grounds to believe the person poses a risk to the group.
  • Our Nordic Walk sessions will accommodate up to 5 participants per accredited NW Instructor or qualified NW Leader. Pre-walk warm-ups will be led by the Instructor or Leader, ensuring a minimum 1- metre social distancing between participants.  Individually led groups at each venue will take different, pre-planned routes and/or start off at staggered time slots to avoid groups ‘bunching up’  or meeting whilst walking.
  • Where our stocks allow, we will make available on long-term loan to regular participants, a set of Silverfit Nordic Walking poles. Participants are encouraged to bring their own poles and gloves (where they own these) or to take a set on loan from us and bring these to each session. Where it is not possible for participants to use their own poles/receive a loaned set, Instructors will ensure that all Silverfit walking poles and any other equipment used are disinfected at the end of the session and stored securely for the next time.
  • Silverfit Walking Football sessions adhere to The Football Association Covid guidance.
  • Processes are in place to avoid larger groups arriving in the same area at any given time, e.g. at car parks and entrances. Before, during and at the finish of each session, Instructors and Leads will remind their groups to socially distance a minimum of 1 metre apart, and will discourage participants from congregating.
  • Training sessions will be compliant with social distancing guidelines, with consideration of access to toilets / first aid etc. and can manage this in accordance with relevant restrictions / guidance that is in place. Instructors will update participants at the start of each session, regarding access to toilet facilities at the venue.
  • At present all Silverfit indoors activities remain suspended, and this document will be updated in due course, to reflect any changes.  Once restarted, Indoor activities will only take place in a COVID Secure environment and Silverfit will collaborate closely with our venue management partners, to ensure appropriate measures are in place. Session participants will be required to scan a Silverfit venue NHS Test and Trace QR code when they arrive and/or  register manually with the instructor. Silverfit records and stores member attendance data for each session, including participant name and contact phone or email address Personal data collected by Silverfit for track and trace purposes is kept for 21 days following the session, and is anonymised thereafter.
  • Where an attendance fee is payable, we aim to use cashless payments systems only. Where this is not possible Silverfit will ensure these transactions are as Covid-19 compliant as possible, using a sealed tin to collect and quarantine cash.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own gel hand sanitiser with them, for use during and after the training session. Our Instructors will also carry hand sanitiser.
  • Participants attending a venue or session for the first time are required to complete a Covid-PARQ document for retention by Silverfit. The Instructor will provide this before the session commences.
  • All Silverfit pre and post training session socialising activities are suspended and participants will be encouraged to disperse as soon as is practical, at the end of each session.

 Communication with Silverfit  staff and Instructors

To adhere to government guidance regarding the current phase of Covid-19 stages:

  • Silverfit will continue to conduct all team and committee meetings virtually.
  • Silverfit will consider, as an alternative, virtual training options for larger training groups.
  • Ensure that all relevant guidance has been communicated to Silverfit Ambassadors, Instructors, Leaders and participants, including provision of training where required, and that guidance is adhered to.
  •  Questions regarding Silverfit’s Covid-19 guidance should be raised, in the first instance, to the Covid Coordinator Kim Boursnell ([email protected] )


Please note that the subject matter covered in this guidance is in no way exhaustive and the material does not stand on its own nor is intended to be relied upon as a substitute for obtaining specific legal advice. Individual circumstances will differ. The information contained in this guidance is given in good faith but any liability of Silverfit to you or any third party which may arise out of the reliance by you or any other party of the contents of this guidance is hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

This guidance has been prepared by Silverfit

Document last updated 27 November 2020, by Kim Boursnell