Irongran Eddie proving once again, an inspiration to many, with her successful Radio, TV and newspaper appearances in recent weeks.

As many of you will be aware, our CEO and Silverfit Founder Eddie Brocklesby spent the last year writing her autobiography, titled ‘Irongran’ – a name given to her as she is the oldest British female to complete an Ironman (and is also a gran!)



April 5th is the official release date, with pre-orders being taken for the last few months, and excerpts from the book featured in the Mail on Sunday (April 1st edition) and on their website here.

In the lead up to the publication, Eddie has been extremely busy appearing on radio shows and on TV also.

Have a look at what Eddie has been up to:

In summary:

  • 1 x TV (BBC Breakfast)
  • 1 x literary festival and talk
  • 1 x appearance at Sunday Papers Live on 8th
  • 1 x Today Show
  • 3  x long local radio (BBC Scotland, London, Manchester, Five Live )
  • 11 x live UK radio stations tuned in from around the country –  in a Broadcasting house studio
  • 1 x Talk Radio Europe
  • 8+ x newspaper/journals  Times, Time out, Outdoor Fitness, Mail on Sunday, Womens weekly, People’s friend

In more detail:

4th March – Eddie took part in the first ever Big Half, half marathon, along with many of our fantastic Silverfitters, to raise money for the charity

16th March – Eddie participated in a panel at the “Women in Sport North Conference” in Manchester.
20th March – Eddie appeared in a live interview on Radio 4’s ‘Today Programme’ which was followed  by a 4-hour-photoshoot for the Mail on Sunday feature.

21st March – Mail on Sunday phone interview, in which Eddie talked of her top tips on keeping fit over 50 (featured in the article – see below).

23rd March – Eddie was off to Scotland where she appeared on the John Beattie Show on BBC Radio Scotland, available to listen to online here.
Later that day she took part in the Aye Write! Book Festival, where she was interviewed by 

24th March Eddie turned 75 and got back to London just in time to celebrate this special day with family and friends!

1st April – The Mail on Sunday published the article about Eddie. – also available online here

2nd April – Eddie was interviewed live on BBC London by Robert Elms – listen here  now:

3rd April – There were more live interviews for Eddie ! This time on BBC Breakfast (watch a clip here) BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio 5 Live (Listen here)


5th April – Irongran release date, Eddie was interviewed on the phone by Talk Radio Europe, and also did 11 back to back interviews with BBC GNS, across the country, from Broadcasting House


8th April – Sunday Papers Live – Eddie was interviewed on the Main Stage during the ‘Sports Section’ of this completely sold out and successful event.

There are many more exciting events and appearances for Eddie in the pipeline, which means many more exciting things for Silverfit too, as Eddie is raising awareness for the charity through everything that she does. We are extremely lucky to have a CEO with such passion and enthusiasm for the charity.
We hope you continue to support Eddie and Silverfit, on this fantastic new journey.

Follow the Twitter dialogue over at #Irongran

Natalie Rickman

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