Eddie’s Update – Session closures and funding

Hi All,

As you may be aware from recent communications on the subject of fundraising, we have faced an increasingly difficult time so far this year securing the essential financial backing to support our Silverfit sessions and to cover the core costs associated with keeping the charity running.

Most of you will be aware that in these challenging times there are an increasing number of charities competing for grants, putting small charities like Silverfit under great pressure.

Unfortunately, crucial funding from established donors which we had relied upon for many years, has not been forthcoming,  and other pots have been getting smaller as funders aim to divide up their grants amongst more beneficiaries.  We have been casting our net wider to look for new funders, with a reasonable strike rate, but despite our best efforts, and despite all your support through donations and session fees, we have not been able to achieve our fundraising goals to sustain our activities at current levels.

We had to reluctantly close some of our sessions earlier this year and it is with regret that we are letting you know now that further sessions have been suspended, as we just do not have the funds to keep them going at the moment.

Most of our attendees will have been told at their individual sessions that they will be closing, so we hope that this should not come as a shock to many of you, but for those who have not attended recently  here is the timetable of closures: –

Silverfit Sessions coming to an end:

Camden Walking Football             Closed 28/4/23

Crystal Palace Tues  NW                Closed 9/5/23

Brockwell Park   NW                       Closed 9/5/23

Crystal Palace Thurs NW               Closed  11/5/23

Crystal Palace     Tai Chi                 Closed 12/5/23

Brockwell Park   Pilates                  Closed 16/5/23

Burgess Park      Yoga                     Closed 15/5/23

However, in some cases, activities may be continuing as independent, instructor-run classes and instructors may already have told you. We will keep you up to date on where this is happening as soon as we have confirmation.

I know this will be devastating news to our members and instructors, as it is to myself, and all of us who work for Silverfit HQ, along with our Trustees– especially since we are about to reach our 10 year anniversary of that first Nordic Walk session in Hyde Park.

Over this time we have run thousands of classes, working with our partners on a local and national level to make fitness fun and accessible for older people, and promoting healthier ageing. I am so sorry to be the bearer of this news. We will be keeping you informed of any further changes via the website and email, and I can assure you we are working so hard on funding applications. Any ideas for significant funding or sponsorship would be welcome.

And finally, some good news, Dana’s baby Adam arrived safely yesterday. All the best Dana, and thanks for all you do for Silverfit!

Best wishes,

Eddie Brocklesby.


Natalie Rickman

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