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Why is the Big Half important for Silverfit?

The Big Half, half marathon, was a fabulous success for Silverfit in 2018, raising a lot of much needing unrestricted funding for our charity, which meant we could continue to fund a variety of sessions that had less funding.

Money raised from Big Half participants went towards paying for our invaluable instructors, venue hire, equipment, marketing... even down to tea and biscuits served to our members after their sessions. Every little really did help!

Silverfit relies heavily on funding to put on its sessions, and any unrestricted funding from these fundraising events really makes a huge difference!!

We would love to repeat the success of 2018 with the next Big Half which is March 1st 2020 and we ask for £20 entry fee plus a pledge to raise as much as you can.



Thanks for taking part and making a difference


Silverfit's 2018 Big Half Success Story


The Big Half has been an amazing success story for Silverfit and for the 100+ walkers & runners who took part. With all your effort, support and encouragement from your friends and family we have raised over £17,000 of much needed unrestricted funding which will go towards the running and operation of the charity. It is the generosity of people’s time, effort, sponsorship and donations that allows Silverfit to keep running its activities in 18 different locations across London and provides access to physical activities and social sessions to over 1500 members.

My huge congratulations and heartfelt thanks go out to the 70+ Silverfitters and 30+ runners who dedicated their time and energy to train and help raise funds for us. I know for many of you it was the first time you had ever participated in an event like this, let alone a half marathon. Many of you had never dreamt of doing something like this before, but you overcame the perception and challenge that age is a barrier, proving to yourself and others that age is just a number and you can achieve anything – even at a Silverfit age! We couldn’t have done it without your dedication and enthusiasm. You all did an incredible job and I cannot thank you enough.

I’d like to also express my gratitude to all our partner organisations, dedicated instructors, invaluable volunteers and staff who helped to make The Big Half a success. It was your combined efforts and contributions that enabled us to successfully complete the Big Half, so thank you again.

My best wishes,

Eddie Brocklesby


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