Another  great evening at the Serpentine in Hyde Park with our second Aquathlon of the season! The results are below.  Thanks for your patience and we look forward to seeing you all at our third Aquathlon in August.

    1 Colin Stollery M 9.54 24.70 34.24
    2 Simon Freeth M 8.24 22.83 31.07
    3 Tracy Cox-Smyth F 11.40 38.77 50.17
    4 Baiju & Anne McCubbins R 12.18 24.86 37.04
    5 Joanna Benedict F 13.41 31.10 44.51
    6 Susan Said F 12.27 33.29 45.56
    7 Claudia Neira Torne F 9.20 25.15 34.35
    8 Sophie Kay F 15.49 35.73 51.22
    9 Carly Wilkinson F 16.07 35.12 51.19
    10 Matthew Shields M 10.19 22.88 33.07
    11 Steph Poulson F 12.41 36.94 49.35
    12 Tom Bryan M 13.16 34.89 48.05
    13 Fran Brown F 8.42 28.01 36.43
    14 Gemma Phillips F 9.53 22.50 32.03 3RD FEMALE
    15 Natasha King F 12.59 32.97 45.56
    16 Bethan Jones F 14.24 33.10 47.34
    17 Matthew Harland M 11.45 25.09 36.54
    18 Erika Salazar F 7.44 22.76 30.20 2ND FEMALE
    19 Margaret Close F 10.07 23.24 33.31
    20 Joe Mallender M 13.08 23.48 36.56
    21 Duncan Dalzel-Job M 12.18 25.86 38.04
    22 Emma Shotter F 10.02 28.02 38.04
    23 Andrew Farrell M 7.20 20.14 27.34 3RD MALE
    24 Catharine Sowerby F 9.50 24.93 34.43
    25 Keith Shorten M 9.02 21.02 30.04
    26 Elizabeth Fox F 10.25 24.15 34.40
    27 Susan Brannich F 13.37 34.08 47.45
    28 Pera Parkhomova F 10.20 38.81 49.01
    29 Dave Lewis M 10.38 23.82 34.20
    30 Carolyn Storey F 9.34 25.77 35.11
    31 Frederic Vitalis M 9.40 23.15 32.55
    32 Philippa McClure F 11.25 25.20 36.45
    33 Gareth Vickers M 11.08 15.50 26.58 2ND MALE
    34 Sara Garacia F 10.17 28.11 38.28
    35 Thomas Cadman M 9.57 26.76 36.33
    36 Sam Hudson M 10.51 21.80 32.31
    37 Robert Fowler M 9.45 23.56 33.01
    38 Harriet Brettle F 7.32 21.02 28.34 1ST FEMALE
    39 Mel & Adam Madgin R 8.48 23.78 32.26
    40 KaMing Li M 9.07 21.18 30.25
    41 Rose & Brett Baker R 7.17 20.92 28.09 2ND RELAY
    42 Edward Andrews M 10.04 25.55 35.59
    43 Simon Crook M 9.08 19.05 28.13
    44 Alistair Kuhn M 11.05 24.49 35.54
    45 Keith Rouse M 11.35 22.00 33.35
    46 John McCarthy M 11.28 22.07 33.35
    47 Patrice & Joakim Cohen R 11.43 21.97 33.40
    48 Tom Frost M 7.20 18.15 25.35 1ST MALE
    49 Robert Calder M 10.41 22.90 33.31
    50 Harry Hurst M 9.13 19.99 29.12
    51 Ivor & Aoife McNamara R 8.15 18.87 27.02 1ST RELAY
    52 Christopher Abele M 10.41 DNF DNF
    53 Margaret Lang F 14.33 24.22 38.55
    54 Stefano Sardo M 10.13 23.08 33.21
    55 Bjorn Hughes M 8.54 23.49 32.03
    56 Oliver St John M 14.17 25.98 40.15

    Great launch of Silver Friday Broomfield Park

    On Friday 26th, June 2015, Silverfit launched its newest addition to their Silver Days at Broomfield Park, Enfield. The event was attended by the local community of Palmers Green and several guests of honour including Steve Trew, one of the best known names in World Triathlon as a coach, race commentator, journalist and novelist. Other guests of honour included Jacqui Bainbridge, Head of Service from Christian Action Enfield.

    To kick off the launch a welcome speech was given by Steve Trew. Steve, a local Enfield resident, said, “ I am delighted to be here today. We are in a new age of ageing; lives and expectations have changed massively and getting older now is a new beginning . There is a life beyond retirement and opportunities to enjoy new activities. It’s great that Silverfit offers a choice of activities. Keep moving and don't focus on activities you don't really enjoy doing. Just do whatever you do, and make sure you enjoy doing it then you are much more likely to continue in an active lifestyle. Keep Silverfit for life!”

    Following the speech, guests were treated to a free class of Latin American Dance or Nordic Walking or a guided walk in Broomfield Park. In keeping with Silverfit’s belief of social interaction, guests were treated to tea, coffee and refreshments after the activities.

    With the launch of Silver Fridays at Broomfield Park, the local community can now benefit from the Silverfit sessions, which are already being enjoyed in 7 other London locations. Every Friday participants will be able to choose from various activities, including Latin American Dance and Nordic Walking, to get fit under the guidance of fully qualified instructors. Not only will participants reap the benefits of physical activity but they can also enjoy the camaraderie of being with people at a similar level of fitness who are also neighbours in the area.

    All images ©SusanneHakuba

    Silverfit, Broomfield Park




    Nordic Walking, Silverfit, Broomfield Park

    Dancing, Silverfit, Broomfield Park




    Launch of Silver Day @ Broomfield Park

    0 days to go

    Our highly anticipated launch at Broomfield Park in Enfield is almost here! On Friday 26th of June at 10.30am we will launch the Silver Friday sessions at the Cyril Smith Court on Broomfield Lane, N13 4ET. Come down and meet one of our guests of honour, Steve Trew, one of the best known names in World Triathlon as a coach, race commentator, journalist and novelist. Or meet one of our instructors, Derek, our Latin American Dance instructor or Johanna, our Nordic Walking instructor. You can get the chance to participate in any of the activities and if that doesn't sell you, come and join for a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake and meet the Silverfit team!

    Following the launch the sessions will be every Friday at Broomfield Park from 11.00am with Latin Dancing, Nordic Walking and more activities to be confirmed.We would like to thank Sport Relief (Dispossessed Fund), Fairview Community Fund and Enfield Council for all their help and support.

    Any questions please e-mail heather@silverfit.org.uk or



    Millwall for All -Thomas Cure commemoration

    Our CEO Eddie Brocklesby was invited as a guest of Millwall for All's to a choral evensong in commemoration of Thomas Cure, one of the founding governors of Southwark. His tomb still lies in the Cathedral which is beautifully decorated. Thomas Cure founded the wonderful United St Saviour's Charity who were founded in 1541 with an aim to benefit the less fortunate of the St Savior's Parish which is now known as Southwark Cathedral. Eddie: "It was great to meet so many others involved in charitable work within Southwark, and appreciate the importance of working together towards our Silverfit aim of increased fitness, happiness and fun for older people in Southwark."

    If you like walking football why don't you join our weekly Walking Football session which we run in collaboration with Millwall at The Den on Zampa Road (SE16). We meet every Friday at 11am.





    Funding and additional activities for our Silver Thursday


    More great news at Silverfit HQ today:
    We have been awarded funding by ‪London Community Foundation‬ for their Elephant & Castle community fund for our Silver Thursday session at AOS London South Bank University.
    This is absolutely brilliant news as we will now be able to add more
    activities.We plan to re-launch on July 16th with addition of Nordic Walking and badminton.  We are exploring walking for health and table tennis as well.

    Until then our indoor cycling sessions with Jameelah will still continue at 9:30am on Thursdays.
    Silverfit are totally dependent on donations and grants so news is
    always greater with a cheer and sigh of relief that our work can
    continue on for a bit longer.
    Thanks for all your support in regards to our AOS sessions and we look forward to more of you attending and enjoying the benefits of the funding.


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Iain on bike  grim reaper
Silver Sunday. Silverfit
Silverfit. Lifelong fitness.
Silverfit_Fitnes&Fun-59_LowRes_WMParticipants of our Sunset Aquathlon in Hyde Park in July 2014Silverfit_Aquathlon_July2014_byHakuba-18_LowResThe setting for our sunset Aquathlon in Hyde Park. ©SusanneHakubaIain Glenn beating the Grim Reaper at out launch in Burgess Park.Pilates at our Silver Tuesday session in the Islamic Garden in Burgess ParkGain confidence through our cycling sessions which we offer in collaboration with Cycle Confident.Silverfit_Tuesdays_Dec13-9_LowResSilverfit_Fitnes&Fun-41_LowRes_WMSilverfit_Tuesdays_Dec13-31_LowResSilver Sunday. SilverfitSilverfit_Fitnes&Fun-23_LowRes_WMSilverfit_Fitnes&Fun-51_LowRes_WMSilverfit_Duathlon-23_LowResGoing around the track at Herne Hill Velodrome.Silverfit_Duathlon-13_LowResInspiredLogo_nSilverfit. Lifelong fitness.Silverfit_Duathlon-33_LowResSportingBunnies_Gamemakers_Sept12-2_LowRes