Final Participant Leaderboard

This year's Silverfit 10 Challenge is now over. Thank you to all who took part and helped us reach 2258.82 miles!

Ranking Score (miles) Team Number
1 323.39 13
2 272.27 18
3 269.5 24
4 233 23
5 203.13 5
6 202.93 19
7 132 10
8 124.27 11
9 67.96 3
10 54.7 8
11 40.5 4
12 39.51 14
13 34.4 27
14 31.6 6
15 31.07 28
16 25 7
17 19.47 25
18 10.24 26
19 6.88 22

What is the Silverfit 10 Challenge?

In a nutshell - two people one younger and one older pair up, and together help contribute to 10,000 miles by walking, jogging, or running a distance related to the number 10, in the months of August and September.

This can be done together in person, or virtually, even if you are 100 miles apart or in a different country! (via video call, texting, voice call).

You choose your goal, whether you'd like to walk the distance of 10 tube stations, run 10 miles over those two months or jog for 10 minutes a day.

Register now and add your teammate later! Sign up on Eventbrite 

Participation in the challenge is free and comes with two #Silverfit10Challenge t-shirts to wear during the challenge.

Why a mixed generation pair?

It has been noted that active, involved older adults with close intergenerational connections consistently report much less depression, better physical health, and higher degrees of life satisfaction. They tend to be happier with their present life and more hopeful for the future.

And, we at Silverfit Charity, think this is just great!

Who is organising this event?

Silverfit Charity, an over 45s fitness charity, has teamed up with TSB Bank to put this challenge together for you.

“The Silverfit mission is to combat social isolation and promote happier, healthier ageing through physical activity,” says Silverfit Founder Edwina Brocklesby. “The Silverfit 10 Challenge not only supports this mission, but it allows us to do so during a time when our usual community meetups are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether teams walk 10,000 steps each week, jog 10km, or walk 10 times over the course of two months, this challenge is a way to encourage more people to reap the benefits of intergenerational fitness with enough flexibility that anyone can get involved.”

Pete Markey, CMO Chief Marketing Officer TSB Bank said, “We want to help local people and the communities they live in to thrive. We’re proud to be supporting the Silverfit 10 challenge as we know that mental and physical health is more important than ever for those communities.”

Okay, i’m keen – what do I do now?

Register now. Find your team mate and decide on a challenge.

• Set yourself a goal (10 miles a week, 10,000 steps a day, 10 minutes of running a day)

• Share your participation with the hashtag #Silverfit10Challenge

Nominate some friends or family to take part too

• Update us on how well you are doing along the way

How/who should I nominate?

Remember that Icebucket challenge of 2014? or the TiK Tok Renegade Dance challenge earlier this year? Pick friends or family members who you’d also like to see challenge themselves with a fun goal, like walking 10 times around a tree backwards, or running 10 times around their local park. Nominate them in whatever way you like, be it via a social media post, a video or in person – we’d love to see who you are nominating so don’t forget to hashtag #Silverfit10challenge wherever you can!

How do I let you know how i’m doing?

A link will be sent to you to a form which allows you to let us know how much of the challenge you have completed – however often you update this is up to you, be it daily, weekly or at the end of the challenge. The totals will be published across Silverfit social channels to show progress towards a collective goal of 10,000 miles, and also on the Silverfit website alongside a leaderboard of top-ranking teams in a variety of categories, including greatest distance covered and greatest number of walks.

We hope you enjoy this fun, intergenerational challenge, and look forward to checking in on you along the way via our social channels

Do I have to fundraise?

Fundraising isn’t required, however if you want an extra challenge, we have a Just Giving page where you can ask others to sponsor your challenge. Any funds raised will go to Silverfit and also 25% will go to NHS Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals’ Charity Children’s Ward.

Can’t think of a challenge? Here’s a few ideas:

• Walk 10 times together with your teammate

• Have a 10 day run streak

• Walk for 100 minutes

• Run for 10 minutes

• Jog 10 times around the park

• Run 10k together

• Walk 10,000 steps at least 10 times in a single outing over the challenge period

• Walk 10 miles in total over the month

• Walk 10 tube stations

• Run 10 bridges

• Walk in 10 parks

• Run 10 bus stops

Socially share your participation:

If you are a social media user, share your challenge across Twitter and Instagram using #Silverfit10Challenge.



1. Can I update you on my progress in one batch later? Filling in the form multiple times may be tricky.

  • a. Yes! You can update your progress at any date you chose throughout the challenge time frame, but unfortunately this does mean your contributions won’t be included in our progress charts until you upload them.

2. What are the prizes awarded for?

  • a. Prizes are to be awarded for 4 categories – greatest total distance, greatest number of walks, most funds raised and best dressed!

3. Do I have to wear the T-shirt when I go out?

  • a. Not at all! We would love for you to wear our shirt and post updates in it; however, we understand not everyone is comfortable with this. If you are happy to wear a t-shirt, please refer to this webpage for sizing.

4. Is there a minimum amount I need to raise?

  • a. There is no minimum fundraising requirement. We do of course appreciate any further sponsorships or fundraising you can manage though!

5. Do I need to physically be with my partner?

  • a. No – you could be 100 miles apart or even in another country – we understand that under the difficult current circumstances many people will not be able to physically get together with their partner. Maintaining social distancing and protecting yourselves and others is the main priority! You could do this via zoom call, text message or on the phone – as long as there is still that all important connection going!

6. Do both group members need to participate equally?

  • a. No – We would like each of you to challenge yourself to a level that works for you. If you feel comfortable doing more than your partner this is completely fine!

7.  My grandchild/team mate is under 18, can they participate?

  • a. Any participant under 18 MUST have their guardian’s permission to take part in any group.

8. Do I need to post photos of myself to social media?

  • a. We would love if you can post photos of yourself when you are out to show your participation and to let others know you are part of the challenge, however it is not mandatory.

9. When is the Signup deadline?

  • a. Signup is open from 10th July until we reach 250 teams.