Part Time Chief Executive Officer

We are looking for an experienced Senior Manager to work part-time with the Founder and CEO to co-supervise and control all strategic and business aspects of the London based charity that focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of older people.  The successful candidate will be first in command and responsible for giving strategic direction and creating a vision for success, growth and getting the `Be Silverfit` message out.

What is Silverfit?

Founded in 2013, Silverfit has grown into an exciting, rapidly expanding charity led by older people for older people. Its aim is to promote happier, healthier ageing through physical activity and at the same time combat social isolation. The Silverfit `sandwich` formula of socialising / exercise /socialising for older people is increasing activity levels and helping people make new friends, feel more confident, enjoy life as they age and reducing social care and health costs.

The Role:

The main objectives will be to focus on business planning, funding and driving expansion plans. This will include managing and overseeing the operations of the charity, including strategic development, fundraising, finance, marketing, communications and logistics.

The successful candidate will need to take on Silverfit’s vision, mission and objectives with passion and commitment. They must also be able to lead with a proactive “can-do” attitude and have the ability to work calmly under pressure, building understanding and empathy in tandem with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, great planning and organisational capabilities.


  • Develop high quality business strategies and expansion plans ensuring their alignment with the organisation’s short-term and long-term objectives; develop clear and realistic priorities and milestones;
  • Manage the charity’s day to day operations, administration and working with the Founder in overseeing the COO and other staff;
  • Ensure the Board receives timely, accurate and proportionate information and advice to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities;
  • Maintain open, fluent communication with the Chair, consulting her on all decisions that may affect the responsibilities of the Board;
  • Report regularly and honestly to the Board against the approved strategy, so they are fully aware of progress, shortcomings and risks;
  • Keep the finances of the charity under careful review at all times and take whatever steps are necessary to enable the charity to live within its means, ensuring sustainability;
  • Develop and secure a range of funding strategies to ensure the charity’s sustainability including exploration of potential corporate partnerships, sponsorship, trust funding and commissioned opportunities;
  • Working with the Founder to build close relationships with key partners, stakeholders, donors, supporters, local and national government officials, CCGs and local health authorities
  • Maintain an overview of the messaging and communications of the charity, to ensure that they are effective, consistent with our values and strategy, and appropriate for a charity.


  • Experience as CEO or in other managerial positions with an entrepreneurial mind-set and outstanding organisational and leadership skills
  • Experience in developing sustainable and social entrepreneurial strategies and implementing vision
  • Evidence of a strong understanding of charity sector finance and governance
  • Familiarity with diverse business functions such as fundraising, marketing, PR, finance etc of a small but expanding charity
  • Analytical abilities and a proven track-record of problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills


£24,000 per annum, working 3 days a week

Please submit a cover letter and CV to [email protected]

Closing date for applications is 16th November 2018

Interviews will be held from 26th November 2018