Crowdfunder for NEW Silverfit initiative – ‘Up&Walking’

We are delighted to share with you that we were successful in reaching the final stages of #AvivaCommunityFund and our page is now LIVE to crowdfund for a new Silverfit initiative – ‘Up&Walking’!

Please share and donate if you can:

After 9 years of steady growth and 25 weekly sessions, Silverfit – formed as part of the Olympic Legacy –  seeks to expand to an exciting new venue at the Community Centre within East Village (the former Olympic athletes’ residence).

Using Silverfit’s trusted social-sandwich model of ‘socialising, physical activity and then more socialising after’ to build community resilience, we want to create a brand new walking initiative that will benefit older people, ‘Up&Walking’. This will include 3 main activities: Walking football, Nordic Walking and new for Silverfit, a partnership with Ramblers’ Walking for Health.

Our vision for this project is to provide FREE sessions of ‘Up&Walking’ – making them accessible to all older people, regardless of financial situation.

We hope to source community transport to bring people in from key neighbouring areas of economic deprivation with a higher BAME representation. This will in turn allow for more inclusivity and reach people who may have otherwise not been able to join our sessions.

We hope that these new sessions will also play a big part in reducing the social isolation that many older people have felt during the pandemic and ultimately bring a lot more fun and friendship into their lives!

Natalie Rickman

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