100 Home Workout videos now on our Silverfit @Home channel!!

Well, we can honestly say that back when we started these videos in March, we did not envisage that we would get to the milestone of 100 videos! A fantastic achievement from our instructors and all involved in maintaining the Silverfit @Home project!

We want to say a big thank you to all of the instructors who have taken the time to record videos for us, keeping our channel consistent and full of variety for our members.

We really hope that these 100 videos have been a great¬†help in maintaining our members’, and other seniors around the country who have been tuning in, activity levels in the last 4 months and become a useful resource for everyone to go back to in the future too!

For a full list of videos please visit our Silverfit @Home page or go directly to our channel on YouTube.



Natalie Rickman

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