We are delighted to be able to offer Silver Tuesdays, where we both encourage the socialising and fitness of over 45s. Below are a few comments made by participants and members.

‘I went to the Chest Clinic this morning and had various lung function tests. I saw the consultant this afternoon and he told me since my last appointment 2 months ago my COPD has gone from Moderate down to Mild. He asked me what different exercise was I doing, when I told him I was Nordic Walking at least 3 times a week he said that was the most likely reason for the improvement.’  –  Eddie Murphie – Silverfit Member

‘I love my Tuesday mornings, I really look forward to it. They’re relaxed, with a great atmosphere and most importantly, its outside!’  –  Danielle Benett, Silverfit Participant

‘I enjoyed it very much, I wish I had more exercise like this during the week.’  –  Nathalia Koshinski-Silva, Silverfit Participant

My “Silverfit” story began Spring 2014. What a journey it has been.
‘Hi, my name is Barbara B. I will be 77 this December.  I never dreamt, that from a chance encounter with two ladies in Burgess Park I would be Nordic Walking three times a week. That I would go on to become a trained walk leader. In Dec 2015 Silverfit launched Silver Cheerleading I went along because it was local, I am now proud to be the ambassador for the Wednesday group, taking the register and meeting and greeting all who attend. This activity is so beneficial to our overall health and wellbeing, exercising our brain and body. We never stop smiling.  From being a rather quiet person I’ve become quite extrovert having been photographed and filmed with the group so many times.
We are having so much fun in our later years and meeting so many lovely people with one goal, to get fitter and have a great social life.
It’s lovely that my husband has also joined and is now very much involved and committed to keeping fit.
I have two grownup daughters, they are in awe of what I am doing, and that makes me very proud.
I can’t imagine my life without “Silverfit.”  We have to thank Eddie Brocklesby for fulfilling her vision to get older people active, and our instructors for their tuition, patience and good humour. It’s been really good for me, and I have witnessed first hand the changes in many of my fellow Silverfit members. Regular physical activity benefits any age group but for those of us who are older it can help lift depression, reduce anxiety, improve arthritis, and make us feel great.’  – Barbara Beer, Silverfit Member

‘I think Silverfit has been great for me and I love it. I look forward to it every time. I believe I’ve never feel so good before. I do feel fit, really fit, as I don’t go to the doctor, and don’t take pills. It is the best thing I have done in my life. I do several sessions in a week. I strength train at Mill Wall, walk in Burgess Park, cheerleading in Brixton, spinning at AOS and Friday is for Mill Wall Walking Football. I have been with Silverfit just over two years. I started with the walking and from there on, as all the other sessions came about, I started trying out the other exercise sessions! I also lead a guided walk in Burgess Park, after doing a course in Walking For Health, then I have got involved with few more walks and really enjoy it! I know Walworth really well so it helps with showing the area to other members on walks. I have made friends through Silverfit, and now have a group of friends I enjoy meeting every week. It’s great to meet people from different walks of life.’  – Valerie Hampson, Silverfit Member

‘Who would have thought that two years ago when I started at Silverfit doing one session of Nordic Walking a week I would find myself being regularly active with a whole new set of friends. I have also become a qualified Nordic Walking instructor and teach at one of our new venues.   In addition to Nordic Walking, I now also do Cheerleading, Tai Chi and Pilates, often taking part in 4-5 weekly Silverfit activities.
Not only am I involved but my husband has become a devotee of Silverfit and we do Nordic Walking and Cheerleading together something we haven’t done in the past. We even take our Nordic Walking poles on holiday with us and do long walks, again something we haven’t done previously. Last Sunday both of us spent our day taking part in two Cheerleading Demonstration and other activities at Burgess Park and Brockwell Park, all with our Silverfit family.
One of the biggest benefits I have seen has been my increased levels of fitness and improved health. Exercising has particularly helped my balance and core strength, this would not have happened without Silverfit, thank you Silverfit.’  –  Diane Ferguson, Silverfit Member


‘After my Mum died, to whom I was the sole carer for some years, my reason to get up in the mornings disappeared. I became the perfect couch potato, watching daytime and evening TV, snacking, lonely and depressed. I was browsing  the internet and noticed an advert for a new exercise group for the over 45’s called “Silverfit” offering spinning, pilates and nordic walking in Crystal Palace. I was the second person to arrive, and was impressed by “Silverfit” members  from Burgess Park  who had come to welcome us, joined in the sessions and stayed to chat afterwards. I tried all the excercises offered over the next three weeks and although I still change occasionally I have taken up pilates with an amazing and enthusiast and fun lady called Bagusha, you can’t not smile in her classes. I have made good friends with whom I socialise outside the classes and also gone on holiday with. It turned a very miserable existence around to being more positive , sociable and healthy both mentally and physically. Thank you “Silverfit” and thank you Eddie  the inspiration behind “Silverfit” . This woman is outstanding in every way. Once met never forgotten!’  –  Susan, Silverfit Participant


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