Silverfit Cheerleading

Our Cheerleading activities are great fun.

It is also a great way of keeping fit, for both ladies and men.  A typical session starts with twenty minutes of exercise. This warms and stretches our bodies, strengthens and tones. Then we get into our  learning session where we learn our routines. We currently have about 5 routines. The beauty of cheerleading is, it not only exercises and tones the body, it improves balance and stretches our minds, and improves our sense of rhythm.

We are often asked to perform, though we like to think of our performances as demonstrations. We want to show our audiences what fun we are having, and show them how easy it would be for them to join in the fun.

Our routines are performed to some great tracks.

“Heard it Through the Grapevine,” Marvin Gaye. “You Can’t Hurry Love,” The Supremes. “Uptown Girl,” Billy Joel. “Happy,” Pharrell Williams. “Brown Eyed Girl,” Van Morrison.

Our instructors are all highly trained professionals from the London Cheerleaders.

Men Cheerleading flyer