Future locations

Starting soon:
We don’t have any new venues coming up at the moment but check back for an update on this
Currently we offer Silver Days in 14 locations in London.
Silver Mondays – Docklands
Silver Mondays – Southwark Park
Silver Tuesdays – Brockwell Park
Silver Tuesdays – Burgess Park
Silver Tuesdays – Crystal Palace
Silver Tuesdays – Haringey
Silver Tuesdays – Hyde Park
Silver Tuesdays – The Castle
Silver Wednesdays – Brixton Recreation Centre
Silver Wednesdays – Herne Hill Velodrome
Silver Wednesdays – Richmond/Whitton
Silver Thursdays – AOS/Elephant&Castle
Silver Thursdays – Burgess Park
Silver Thursdays – Crystal Palace
Silver Thursdays – Herne Hill Velodrome
Silver Fridays – Enfield, Broomfield Park
Silver Fridays – The Den (Millwall FC)

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