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How to get Involved

We organise a wide range of sporting events and training programmes but we could not have done so without the support of so many volunteers who helped us with various tasks and many partners which have supported us through funding- we always need more volunteers, especially Silver Tuesdays in Hyde Park, Burgess Park (Southwark) and imminent venues in Richmond,  Paddington and Enfield.

We organise many events and social activities encouraging people to take up fitness regardless of ability and background. We have organised guided walks, fun runs, half marathons, tug of war events and many more and had support from sport and Olympic athletes past and present including Christine Oruhugo, Gail Emms, the Brownlee brothers, David Weir and many others.

Please join us for one of our Silver Days  which include a variety of activities at varies locations in London. With an annual membership which only costs £5 you receive a discount at all the venues , and after each session we meet for a cup of coffee/tea and socialising at a local café. We hope to get to meet you at one of our Fitness & Fun session soon!

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