2016 Events

Events for 2016 were:

12 March 2016: WOW Festival. Royal Festival Hall. We appeared at the Women of the World festival, we had just one routine and we had only been in existence for eleven weeks. Click Here for WOW Festival Pictures.

06 June 2016: ITV this morning. Filming with Dr Zoe Williams. Cheerleaders Edwina, Diane and Barbara were asked to test electronic activity monitors like “Fitbits.”

Diane talking to Dr Zoe Williams for ITV This Morning.
Barbara being filmed for ITV This Morning

08 June 2016: Popfields Brixton, Launch. More Filming and Dancing and a short break with the film crew for football.
Click Here for Popfields Brixton, Launch Pictures

15 June 2016: This Girl Can Filming/Pop Brixton.
We produced a short funny clip of us warming up, its speeded up and fun to watch.

16 July: 2016: Lambeth Show. Lambeth Show is visited by thousands of people a great place to showcase what we do. 

Lambeth Show Picture

03 September 2016: Haringey Walking Weekend. Our very own Edwina Brocklesby was the invited to give the opening speech at this event. We cheerleaders performed a couple of numbers at the very start before Edwina gave an inspiring and motivating talk. 

10 September 2016: Unity Games, Surrey Quays. Despite being very short on numbers we were very well received and built some useful bridges with those involved.

02 October 2016: Silver Sunday Burgess Park AM. This was a great event being the first SilverSunday in Burgess Park, we worked with many different groups and organisations. We introduced our very own Grim Reaper, as a reminder of the importance of keeping fit.

02 October 2016: Fun Palaces, Brockwell Park PM. We continued this days activities by appearing at the Fun Palaces event in Brockwell Park. A very busy event with lots of families. We  invited the audience to join with us and it was smiles all round. After which we had coffee and cake by the pool, very relaxed and chilled.
 Click here for Fun Palaces Pictures.

11 November 2016: GLL Games Copper Box. Silverfit was very well represented at this event, especially from Crystal Palace and the Cheerleaders of course. Most of us participated in some one way or another from short bowls, table tennis, swimming and cycling. The fact that we Silverfitters were competing in an Olympic venue was great fun. We arrived to unlimited Coffee and biscuits which kind of set the day up for me. We performed a couple of numbers during the award ceremony. We also got photographed with Duncan Goodhew MBE Gold and Bronze Olympian.

30 November 2016: Docklands Settlements, Carpenters Hall. Carpenters Hall is a City of London Livery Hall. We were invited to participate by the Docklands Settlements Charity, with whom we work at our Docklands Venue.  

13 December 2016: Tea Dance Copper Box. London Legacy Development Corporation. A fantastic event with nearly 400 people. Appearing in an olympic venue is great fun and a good end to our year.