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Try Tai Chi at home!

Tai Chi is a very popular session at Silver days! There are multiple benefits of Tai Chi for seniors:

  1. Relieves physical effects of stress
  2. Promotes deep breathing
  3. Reduces bone loss in menopausal women
  4. Improves lower body and leg strength
  5. Helps with arthritis pain
  6. Reduces blood pressure
  7. Requires mind and body integration through mental imagery
  8. Accumulates energy by releasing endorphins rather than depleting it
  9. Enhances mental capacity and concentration
  10. Improves balance and stability by strengthening ankles and knees
  11. Promotes faster recovery from strokes and heart attacks
  12. Improves conditions of Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s

Here’s a video (thanks, Fiona Shera) of Sareera our Tai Chi instructor at Burgess Park showing some movements from Tai Chi!

We offer Tai Chi at the following Silver days:
Silver Thursday – Crystal Palace: 10.30am
Silver Thursday – Burgess Park: 1.30pm
Silver Friday – Broomfield Park: 11 am (session alternates with Qi Gong)